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China's high-end valve localization should accelerate the pace

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China's valve market "cake" is large, but the market competition is also very intense. China's domestic valve manufacturing industry level compared with the international advanced level is still a certain gap, a lot of high parameters, high temperature and high pressure, high pounds of key valves have been dependent on imports, localization in the domestic valve industry has formed a consensus.

In recent years, China's rapid development of the valve industry, raw materials and labor costs and other factors. Product exports and market share continues to expand, and gradually become the industry's important production base and the main product sales market. China's control valve factory many enterprises, small-scale, the lack of core competitiveness, and low concentration of enterprises, difficult to influence in the international market, to a large extent restricted the healthy development of the valve industry.
Valve market competition is more and more intense, some common valve product market has been saturated, oversupply, which makes the development of small and medium enterprises more and more difficult. And even high-tech products in the international market competition is also very intense. At present, China in the valve market, has been able to provide heating valves, environmental protection valves, construction valves, etc., more varieties. But still rely on imports in the field of high-pressure valves, which is the future of China's valve need to break through the field in order to really promote the development of China's valve industry.
Since last year, high-end valve of the localization of the road "rough". At present, the basic piece has become a short-term control of China's manufacturing industry to the high-end development, the second five during the government will continue to increase the high-end equipment parts of the localization efforts.
One side is the continued weakness of the external market, while the overall cost of rising under the influence of the comparative advantage weakened, the entire domestic valve equipment manufacturing industry is facing the industrial structure adjustment "pain period." Valve is a low profit margins of products, the market competition is very intense. At present, China's valve industry for labor-intensive industries, China's valve industry or the amount of expansion-based. Although the international valve market flows from China's valve products more and more, but the international valve market, the right to speak is not in the hands of Chinese enterprises. Wang Li Xin said.
China's valve industry to have long-term development, we must adjust and optimize the industrial structure, it is necessary to continue to give full play to the advantages of traditional valve industry, but also vigorously develop knowledge, technology-intensive industries and emerging industries to promote the valve, , The valve industry upgrade. Only in this way can we shorten the gap between the Chinese valve industry and the developed countries as soon as possible.
With the accelerating pace of the valve industry reorganization, the future competition between the valve industry enterprises will be the product quality and safety of the product competition between the product, high-tech products, high parameters, strong corrosion resistance, high life direction. The domestic valve manufacturing industry in a huge demand environment, but also will show a better development prospects.

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