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Promote the electromagnetic valve industry progress

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With the progress and development of science and technology, the rapid development of social and economic development, the competition in various industries is becoming increasingly fierce, the Chinese valve industry after several decades of development, product development, performance, quality, reliability, Aspects have made great progress. Solenoid valve industry is moving in a high degree of automation, intelligent, multi-functional, high efficiency, low consumption in the direction of development, has become a lot of industry production process supplies.

Solenoid valve application of a large market space
Solenoid valve as a fluid control automation system, one of the actuators, because of cheap, simple, fast action, easy to install, easy to maintain the characteristics of fluid control automation has become the preferred product. Twentieth century 50 - 80 years has been dependent on, until the twentieth century, 90 years, domestic solenoid valve to occupy a certain market share.
Solenoid valve products market strong demand, thanks to these aspects. The construction of the state-owned economy continued to be stable and the investment in fixed assets gradually expanded. In particular, several projects such as "West-East Gas Pipeline", "West-to-East Power Transmission" and "South-to-North Water Diversion Project" Facing the arrival of the industrial era, petrochemical industry, power sector, metallurgical sector, chemical industry and urban construction, such as the use of large valves will enhance the demand for solenoid valve products. Power industry in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period in the coal-fired units large and medium-sized projects required for the total valve: the total demand for 153,000 tons of valves, the average annual demand of 30,600 tons; total demand of 3.96 billion yuan valve, Demand for 792 million yuan. And in accordance with the average annual growth rate of 20%, "second Five-Year" period the total demand for 265,600 tons of valves, the average annual demand of 53,200 tons, the total demand for the valve 66.4 billion yuan, the average annual demand of 13.28 Billion yuan.
Developing new materials to promote industrial transformation
China's natural resources are limited, the development of energy-saving, water-saving, materials, the standard is one of the direction of the development of electromagnetic valve standards. Speed ​​up the elimination of low efficiency, energy consumption of large products, adjust the industrial structure, promote new technologies, new product development and application.
In reducing energy consumption, vigorously develop small flow resistance, loss of small valve products. In terms of energy saving, the focus is on the electromagnetic device of the solenoid valve, through the selection of low-power low-noise motor, as well as the improvement of the electric device structure, control the energy consumption of electric devices.
Manufacturing ceramics, a wide range of raw materials, low cost, with aluminum, carbon, silicon and other ordinary elements will be able to create superior performance of ceramic materials, can save a lot of metal materials and rare mineral resources. Ceramic valves are used in electric power, oil, chemical, metallurgy, mining, sewage treatment and other industrial areas, its wear resistance, good sealing, to minimize leakage, environmental protection will play a positive role in promoting. Following the development of technology, the valve standard committee has developed a "ceramic seal valve" standard, to speed up the promotion of ceramic sealing technology to promote the development of ceramic sealing materials.
Solenoid valve materials, the focus is to study new materials, with new materials instead of metal materials, to achieve the purpose of saving steel and precious metals. The new ceramic valve adopts the new ceramic material to make the sealing parts and the consumable parts of the valve, and improves the wear resistance, corrosion resistance and sealing property of the valve product, greatly prolonging the service life of the valve.
Promote the development of new technologies and new technologies
Strengthen the standards and scientific research, especially the national major scientific and technological project research links, and guide scientific research and advanced technology backbone enterprises, the results of independent innovation into standards, promote new technology, new technology development. Such as Yangzhou Electric Power built, Tianjin two links, Wenzhou Rotork, Changzhou power station auxiliary and so can produce, product quality is also quite good. The development of high-tech "valve intelligent electric device" standard, to promote the development of the industry, blocking or reducing the import of products have a great effect.
Will be a number of new products, new technologies into standards, reduce costs and improve efficiency, optimize the function of the solenoid valve products, and new products and new technologies quickly recognized by the building materials market, and promote the industry's progress.

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