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Summary of Common Faults and Improvement Measures for Valve in Eastern Refrigera

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In the refrigeration system, the valve plays a vital role. Through the investigation and analysis of the common faults of the refrigeration valve, drawing on the design ideas of the famous brands and the high pressure valves at home and abroad, the East cold valve has made technological innovations in materials, technology, sealing, valve connection and fixing, pressure capacity and so on. So that the product in the sealing performance, wear resistance, pressure level, reliability, etc. have been greatly improved for the safe and efficient operation of the refrigeration system to provide a reliable guarantee. Key words: cast steel valve welding valve forged steel valve stomatal stress seal 0 Introduction refrigeration system plays a vital role in the valve, valve opening and closing flexibility, reliability, a direct impact on the technical performance of the refrigeration system, and the valve Anti-leakage performance, it affects the refrigeration system economy and security. According to a Jinan refrigeration equipment company's data, in 2014 the company's customers in six of the valve leak occurred, only to add freon's direct costs on more than 30 million, and due to freon leakage caused by damage and loss of goods is more Big. In the 1980s, there were four more accidents in the refrigeration system of Ningbo, because of the stagnation of the valve spool, the losing, the breakage of the bonnet, the explosion caused by the broken flange [1]. June 2004, a chemical plant in Hubei due to ammonia valve gland rupture, filler dripping ammonia, causing a lot of liquid ammonia spray [2]. These leakage of ammonia, explosion accidents, to the refrigeration system personnel, equipment safety caused a significant impact.

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